We strongly believe in maintaining high level of Service Quality Standards at all times. When it comes to deliverables; we know the importance of on-time dispatch of both samples & final goods to enable you to meet your timelines and targets. Our team of professionals have a long-term experience of catering world famous brands. We aim to work closely with your Brand & Procurement teams at every single stage: Product Development & Approvals on strike offs / colors, Quality Assurance, Conducting Factory Compliance & Social Audits etc. Not only that but our team will ensure that we own the entire Merchandizing process from receiving of orders to final Shipment Inspections with snap inspections at every stage such as weaving, processing, stitching, packing, container loading etc.We aim to provide highest level of product quality consistently, since this is the key factor to enable us to build long term business relationships with our customers. We work vigorously & strive to deliver International Export Quality consistently. We emphasize on Building Long-Term Business Relations with our Customers; so we choose only to work with Manufacturers who have all the mandatory Certifications and are fulfilling international factory audit requirements. Our manufacturing partners have decades of experience and credible repute in Global Market, holding the state of art machinery to cater all kinds of modern textile needs and ability to invest and adapt to innovations and latest trends in the industry. This makes Pakistan's Textile Sector well capable of fulfilling your brand needs with latest developments in Fabric Weaving, Processing, Stitching & Packaging technologies.

Factory Compliance & Social Audit.

The Factory Compliance & Social Audit Officer shall conduct audits of factories to ensure that factories are adhering to the provisios of the Regulation.

Product Development

Our team of experts will vigorously work with your designing team from strike / shade to stitching confectioning approval.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance concerns ensures that your product is strictly observed at all stages: fabric processing, stitching, packaging & loading.

Pre Production Meetings

Pre-production meetings are important in order to ensure that everyone involved in a project understands the vision and goals for the project.

Snap Inspecions During, Processing, Stitching etc.

During the processing of our products, our team of inspectors conduct snap inspections to ensure that the products meet our high standards

Shipments Inspections

The shipments inspections are an important part of our quality control process. Our team inspects each shipment

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